Friday, February 17, 2023

The Forbidden Glizzy comes to Santa Barbara


A recent Costco food hack is sweeping the nation – the Forbidden Glizzy.  This edible treat is as delicious as it is disgusting.  Naturally, I had to try it for myself.  On a recent trip to Costco, I stood in line and purchased a hotdog and chicken bake.  The combination costs only $5.49 and comes in at 1420 calories. 

Once served, simply combine the hotdog with the chicken bake – tear off the end of the chicken bake and jam the dog inside.

For those new to the Glizzy, beware of the seam of the chicken bake.  The unnatural addition of a hotdog into its new home may be too much for the parmesan crust.  In my case, I noticed that some of the molten chicken inside the bake wanted to come out.  Easily manageable, the Glizzy handles like a well-topped hotdog.  Anyone that has made a trip to Dave’s Dogs in Goleta will be able to handle this.

If I have any complaint about the Glizzy, it is that you end up with some food waste.  The bun sits alone missing its former companion.  This single wasted bun brings only to mind the words of Lunchlady Doris from the Simpsons explaining to Lisa that her vegetarian option on hotdog day was “rich in bunly goodness.”

While the history of the Glizzy is unclear, the design is simple enough that multiple people are likely to have come up with it simultaneously.  I seriously considered wrapping a slice of Costco cheese pizza around it to invent the “Forbidden Glizzy+” but about half through the meal decided I was too full.  The origin of the name appears to go back to the man in the bog regretfully eating a cattail.  The “forbidden” element appears to have been added as folks have shared and re-shared on social media.

While I don’t know that I need to go back to try this experiment again, I was glad that I did it!  The combination works, assuming you can get over the sheer excess of it all.  I recommend splitting the concoction with a friend as it is incredibly filling.