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How to Avoid Getting Blacklisted

2/5/10 How to Avoid Getting Blacklisted
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Written By: Mike Shinn

It’s easy to get on the world’s “bad” list while everyone is sensitive to spam. Here are some tips to try to stay on everyone’s good side and avoid getting your company’s email blocked. It takes only one person to get your whole company on a black list.

1. Don’t send out spam. If you are sending out a large number of emails, even to people who have opted-in to your service, you are spamming. I hear a lot of companies say that they’re just “marketing” but also want to increase spam protection to avoid everyone else’s “marketing.” By sending out large numbers of emails, you are flagging your company’s servers to be potentially blacklisted, not to mention slowing down email at your company.

2. Set up Microsoft Exchange restrictions. People should have restrictions on how many mail items can be sent at one time. Your email server should be routed for spam protection both incoming and relaying outbound. If you’re not sure how to do this or if you have this set up, please ask someone from CIO Solutions to make sure.

3. Use a service to send out your marketing letters. We use at CIO Solutions. Other services like and can also help you to get your message out properly without risking your own server getting blacklisted.
I hope that these tips will help you keep your email getting to the right people without getting anyone in trouble.

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