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IT Support Tips for Santa Barbara

IT Support Tips for Santa Barbara
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The first job that I got in Santa Barbara was doing IT support at UCSB. Students could buy a network card for their computers for about $150 and I would help them get it connected to something new called “the internet.” A lot has changed.
Now, the internet is commonplace. People typically have multiple computers in their homes as well as mobile devices that connect to the internet. Here are some support tips that I’ve collected through the years to help you to use your Information Technology to its greatest potential for the new year:
1) Program a new contact into your phone named “411” that dials 1-800-466-4411. This is Google 411. After you try it once, you’ll never be able to stop using it. It’s an easy-to-use 411 service that is absolutely free and without advertisements from your friends at Google.
2) Alcohol Wipes keep your computer monitor clean. Unless you have a special computer screen, read on. Regular alcohol pads such as medical prep pads or glasses wipes are great for keeping your monitor spotless and the images on your internet browser crisp!
3) Keyboard keys sticking occasionally? Turn your keyboard upside down and give it a few good spanks. You may want to do this while your computer is offline. This isn’t such a good idea for laptops as you may damage something. If your keyboard is still sticking, it may be time to find a replacement – the good news is that keyboards are relatively inexpensive.
4) Pets in the house? In Santa Barbara, it seems that everyone has a cat or dog. Unfortunately our furry friends leave a trail that will get sucked up into our computer fans and boxes. To clean, unplug your computer, take off the cover of your computer case, and then clean up any of the fur that has lodged itself inside. Use of a vacuum is okay, just be sure not to run it against any of the parts inside.
5) Take a class! Santa Barbara City College offers a great classes that only cost a few bucks. Check out their schedule at - many of their computer classes are offered at night for those of us who work during the day.
From someone who does computer support in Santa Barbara every day, I hope that these tips can be of assistance.

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